A never forget memory

At 4 am, we left Christchurch heading straight for Golden Bay. Despite the early hour, excitement fueled our journey. Armed with a sense of adventure, we launched the boat and headed out to chase some snapper.

Despite mistiming the tides, we were able to bag a few pannies before the bite went quiet. Undeterred, we lodged in Pakawau for the night, excited over the potential tomorrow held.

The next day, as the sun painted the sky in an orange glow, we ventured into the bay again. We set the set line as insurance and searched for a nice-looking spot to park up for the day. With berly in the water and rods ready to go we waited. We were able to time the tides better this time and we were quickly onto some nice sized snapper. Our excitement grew as the chilly bin began filling up. As the day wore on, conversations buzzed around our success, we had managed a good feed of fish so far and one big snapper, tipping the scales at 17lb!

We were contemplating picking up the setline when suddenly, my rod, sporting a tried and tested 5/0 flasher rig, came to life. The rod bent over and the reel screamed.

Panic briefly set in as the fish powered to the horizon. Powerful runs indicated that we may have lucked onto a big kingfish. None of us had experienced this before, and the lengthy battle was intense; 15 minutes of pure adrenaline. The monster eventually tired and colour emerged from beneath the boat. Once we got eyes on the fish, we quickly realized our net was not going to be big enough. With careful strategy and teamwork, we finally brought the beast onboard, a whopping 140 cm long kingfish, my biggest ever. High fives were passed around the boat. A 17lb snapper and a humongous kingfish marked the end of an unforgettable day. Great fishing paired with great company to create a memory I’ll never forget.

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