Gareth Faulkner

Gareth Faulkner

Hi, I am Gareth Faulkner. I have been out on duck hunts for 35 years and have been actively hunting for the last 25 years. I have hunted ducks from the swamps of the Waikato down to the grasslands of Southland and almost everywhere in between.

I first went out duck hunting when I was 4 to tidal areas of South Auckland with my Dad and was hooked. At 11 I started shooting with a Winchester Model 101 under and over, starting with claybirds and moving onto ducks. I shot my first duck on a little pond at my parents’ old house.

Moving to Christchurch to study I was fortunate enough to be able to hunt on private land. I could also share this with friends and family from up North. After moving to Wellington for work I soon learnt about the struggles of public land hunting around the Wairarapa.

After all this time I am still learning about the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in. I enjoy the social side of duck hunting, hanging out with my Dad after all this time, keeping the banter alive and all the friends I have made along the way.

You can catch me online at or on Facebook and Instagram under Parriehunter. Over winter I will be on a river bank, in a swamp or sitting on a pond with a gun and my dog beside me.


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