The NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council (NZRLIC) is an umbrella organisation for the nine commercial stakeholder organizations (CSOs) operating in each of the rock lobster (CRA) management areas of New Zealand. These CSOs have been established as incorporated and unincorporated societies or limited liability companies and are known as Cray Management Area Councils (CRAMACs).

CRAMAC membership comprises CRA quota owners, processors, exporters, and fishermen (quota share owner-operators and annual catch entitlement (ACE) owners in each region.

The NZ RLIC operates as the central service agency for the commercial lobster fishing industry. It is our role to liaise with government, media, environmental groups and other marine stakeholders on behalf of our constituents and in their best interests and that of the lobster fisheries.

Our vision

  • To be a united, prosperous and ecologically sustainable rock lobster industry valued and respected by Government and by the wider New Zealand community.
  • To be an industry which delivers a beyond premium seafood product to discerning domestic and international consumers.
  • To be an industry well equipped to increasingly take on a greater role in fisheries research and management and be acknowledged as a leader in sustainable and innovative management of rock lobster fisheries.


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