Bigger than dads

My son, Aarlem, wakes me up bright and early on a cold winter morning, wide eyed and ready to fish the canals. A super keen fisherman, he overheard a friend of mine telling me there were a few good salmon getting caught, so of course we had to get in on the action.

We show up to the canals at Pleasant Point, an almost a two-hour drive, to find around 50 people scattered up and down the canals. This doesn’t deter Aarlem so we set up our rods, a Shimano kids combo, and start spinning.

30 minutes later and still no takes, we were scratching our heads while watching two fellas who seem to be catching salmon on every cast. Eventually, I have to ask them what they the hell they’re doing to catch so many. They kindly show me their rigs and we ready ourselves for attempt two, cutting one of the spinners, setting up a sinker with a trace and flout (a small Black Magic hook and fluorescent float).

Well, that does the trick because first cast, bam! I’m onto a 6lb salmon. Not to be outdone by dad, Aarlem’s buzzing with anticipation when suddenly, his rod bends. From the rods angle I’m thinking “this is gonna be a good one.” I had no clue just how good it was going to be.

Struggling, the fish taking inch after inch of precious line, Aarlem’s winding his reel like a mad man. Sure enough, he gets it to the edge and, not wanting to let it get away, I throw myself on it, securing an amazing rainbow trout.

It’s bigger than any trout I’ve ever caught, and you better believe he hasn’t let me forget it. This kid is mad about fishing so to all you sponsors out there, you’ll want him on your team.

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