Billy Barlow a BACKBONE bloke

Jess and Billy share a sibling moment

Legendary Buller hunter and keen outdoors bloke Billy Barlow turned 15 last month and celebrated in manly style.

The infamous young possum tormentor and fur extrapolator, deer hunter, trout teaser, snapper piscator and slave to his grizzled grandfather, had the perfect birthday, scoring money, a Swandri-looking hoodie and Hunting Legend book amongst his presents. To cap it off, little sis’ Jess, a whiz in the kitchen, whipped up this amazing themed birthday cake—okay, she might have had a little help from mum but she is actually the talented one of the duo! Since she was little—and she still is—Jess had an affinitywith animals and became known around Westport as the Pup Whisperer(She trained Crimpy’s dog Rusty to sleep under the blankets).

Billy marked the occasion by starting his new job at Fresh Choice where he clocked up a seven hour shift before departing to the hills with mates. Billy hunts from a log cabin he and his dad built in the headwaters of the Waitellu Rivxer, beneath the Nunyabusiness Mountain Range. Oh, and he sold a load of firewood—LEGEND. Billy’s mum reckons everyday is his birthday, “He’s living the dream,” she says.

Good on yer Billy— BACKBONE!

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