Black Magic Hyperglide Braid

For many years now I have been a user and fan of braid for surfcasting with fixed spool reels. My early braid trials ended up with the line looking like a dollop of candy floss as the braid in those days was designed for free spool reels and was of a very floppy nature. I then discovered a braid with the fibres parallel to each other and fused making it slightly stiff and good for casting

The only way I could get this braid was to import it from America in 1500 yard spools.

I use 20lb braid for surfcasting because it gives me a longer cast, is very sensitive to the bite and its slim profile does not get so affected by sideways currents. Fortunately I can now get a superbly designed 300 metre spool of 20b braid in New Zealand, thanks to Back Magic’s Hyperglide 13X braid.

Snapper head shakes easy to identify on braid

I used this product very successfully during the recent Mokihinui ten-day fishing competition and had no problems. It glided out through the guides on the cast very efficiently giving extra distance and there was minimal drag as the line sat in the water column. It was great to feel the head shakes of a snapper through this braid. The sizeable 300 metre spool ensures your reel spool can be filled to the brim as it should be.

Black Magic Hyperglide 13X braid is a very scientifically designed and tested product and the one I will be using from now on.

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