Boats are our speciality

Our expertise extends to outfitting commercial fishing and pleasure boats with features, including haulers, tools, fuel tanks, rocket launchers, Minn Kotas, diving platforms, and much more. We take pride in enhancing your boat’s capabilities, making it tailored to your specific needs.

This pair of 5.5 metre aluminium pontoon boats were made for fishing off Wellington’s coast for navigating around the harsh environment.

Extending the GWRC Harbour Masters boat by 2 metres was a challenge. The project required extreme precision, including cutting the boat in half and ensuring it remained perfectly aligned when reassembled. The devil was in the detail as we tackled the challnege of tapering gunwales. A 15mm adjustment might seem minor, bot our commitment to perfection led us to cut and reposition the entire length of the boats’gunwales to maintain a flawless line.

Transforming Sea Shadow a 55ft monohull

We reimagined a luxurious private vessel for a new application with discerning clients in Fiordland. This transformation involved extending the roof to provide shelter, installing essential safety features like fire flaps and fuel shut-off valves, all to meet survey standards. We also crafted a boarding ladder and ramp, enabling seamless onshore access for clients. The roof was reconfigured to accommodate a tender with a crane for effortless lowering. This extensive overhaul showcased our expertise in adapting a substantial vessel to a new purpose.

Morris Metals is your trusted aluminum fabrication and repair experts

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