Chasing Titans

Triumph with light tackle

Venturing out of Greymouth on a crisp winter morning, excitement filled the air as we headed out to chase the elusive tuna.

Once through the cut and a fair way into the vast ocean we threw out the 240mm Black Magic Super Evil lure and began trolling.

Before long the Penn 60LD reel was screaming the light 80lb braid was quickly disappearing off the reel. With such light gear and such a big fish on we had to manage the boat, rod and line tenson to land it. It was a massive 90kg behemoth tuna.

What a great team effort to get the tuna tail roped and dragged into the back of the boat. Amazing to land a fish of this size on only 80lb braid.

To make it even more crazy, later that day, we managed to hook, battle, and land an even bigger fish. This one put up a tremendous fight and was significantly larger, weighing in at staggering 120kgs.

Amidst the vast expanse, we hooked four but only two colossal fish caught – a 90kg behemoth and a staggering 120kg titan.

Entrapped by an 80lb braid tamed by a Penn 60LD reel, their struggle was an epic spectacle. The 240mm Black Magic Super Evil lure proved irresistible, helping seal their fate.

What a day, two massive tuna and a some of very happy fishermen.

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