Coastguard New Zealand, our everyday heroes

Coastguard New Zealand are a vital maritime safety and rescue organisation that consists of volunteers who regularly risk their lives saving others in distress at sea, on rivers and lakes. Coastguard also offer education, training and other safety services.

Advanced Optics began sponsoring Coastguard New Zealand in 2012 after attending their biannual national conference in Auckland. The professionalism, camaraderie and heroic stories of these volunteers was outstanding and a real eye-opener. Since then, the Coastguard National Conference became one of our calendar highlights. Our contributions have grown in-line with the success of our own company, enabling us to offer our thermal and night vision equipment at ‘mate’s-rates’, thanks to the New Zealand hunting community that indirectly helps us to fund this. Coastguard New Zealand took a significant leap forward in their lifesaving efforts through the adoption of our cutting-edge Pulsar thermal and ANV Generation 3+ night vision technology. We have relished many stories about our optics that have vastly reduced search times and improved rescue capability.

Traditionally, search and rescue operations at sea have been fraught with challenges, especially during low light conditions, adverse weather and in the vastness of open water. Pulsar thermal optics utilise heat emitted by objects, allowing rescuers to detect and locate boats and individuals at night, in rough seas and poor visibility, such as fog, rain and sea-spray. This enables the Coastguard to swiftly identify and prioritise rescue efforts, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently. In emergency situations, every moment counts, and the speed and accuracy offered by our technology can make a life-saving difference.

While our Pulsar thermal devices are suited to spotting people and boats, our Generation 3+ goggles improve navigation safety at night, especially in harbours and around coastlines. With a light amplification measured in tens of thousands, faint light sources are visible at great distance, and partly submerged hazards and surface debris, that may be invisible to thermal optics, is visible with night vision. The Coastguard’s embrace of Pulsar thermal imaging and ANV night vision exemplifies their dedication to safeguarding lives and underscores their position as a crucial force in maritime safety and rescue operations.

As a primarily volunteer driven organisation, Coastguard New Zealand is heavily reliant on public financial contributions. Please remember that every dollar given will be well spent. Visit the Coastguard New Zealand website for more information about their services and to offer a donation:

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