Coutta’s Cut: Anti authority ducks… er, dicks

Well, better late than never. The protesters, or more like anti-authority shit-heads, finally got moved from the Parliament grounds. The hard core of them wanted a fight and in the end the police gave them one.

I take my hat off to Assistant Commissioner Chambers and the troops on the ground who did the hard work. I have to admit, I got some amusement from the leader of the protest who was complaining bitterly and was in disbelief he got a bit of a clip around the ear with a baton during the removal.

If that bothered him so much, he should be grateful he was born a generation after the ‘81 Springbok tour. Hard to imagine a weak-kneed wanker like him facing up to the Red Squad. The only thing I would have done differently was to charge them for the much-needed bath they received.

Another one was reported in the New Zealand Herald on March 20. It was about some anti-authority dick who took his wife and two children to the illegal protest from Christchurch. He must have been really serious because he went for two whole days. I read on to where the family stayed in a hotel and visited the site during the day. FFS, this guy was really hard core, wasn’t he?

I suppose some are thinking, what’s Coutta on about two issues running? What it is, and I’m sure I’m not alone, I am sick to the back teeth of the utter lawlessness being allowed to happen in a country, which not long ago was the safest on earth. Just last week we read about a motorist on SH1, north of Hamilton, in the middle of the day being chased, dragged out of his vehicle and having the shit beaten out of him by thugs from a gang. He had done nothing wrong but ended up in hospital in a critical condition.

Doctor Jarrod Gilbert recently put an article in the paper saying packs of gang members on motor cycles should not be feared or seen as a threat. Not sure what he’s been smoking but I hope he can convince the innocent guy laying in ICU.

Then I see that putting observers on commercial fishing boats is unsafe due to some, not all, crews being under the influence of methamphetamine. Observers were meant to be a tool to stop unscrupulous skippers and boat owners from breaking the rules and destroying a resource belonging to us all. Now they are justifiably concerned for their safety because of crew members smoking meth, which I’ll remind you is a Class A drug, the possession of which carries a prison sentence. This and so much other shit is continually allowed to happen, while we sit and listen to the news and read the papers about the murders, rapes, robberies and drug dealing we only used to see going on in other countries and wonder why.

I know why. Soft governments and senior civil servants. Period.

I’m not even going to start on Rotorua, my home that has been turned into a dumping ground for the hopeless, homeless and criminals, who the government has felt sorry for. Shipped in from all over the country and filled our motels and city centre with them.

Shit, I hope I can get back to writing about fishing or duck shooting one day soon.

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