Coutta’s Cut: Cabinet ministers (and) oxygen sucking lowlifes

Yep, I know we’ve just gone through Christmas and I know I should still be full of good cheer, goodwill to all and all the rest of that stuff but, bloody hell, with what’s in my email inbox and what’s in the news, I’m finding it all a bit hard.

As always, there is one exception and that’s the pieces of dirt I mentioned last month who attacked the elderly guy on his own doorstep, just because he didn’t have any alcohol, have been arrested. I’m however under no illusions concerning what this lot will get in court. With discounts for cultural reports, early pleas, references by other shitheads as to their good character and, perhaps, even a bit because they went through the trauma of being arrested, a sympathetic judge will probably let them off with the type of pathetic sentence we have come to see as the norm.

The email I’m talking about is the ‘consultation’ document sent out by the police in relation to the cost of firearms licences and renewals. The government’s rabbiting on, telling us to tighten our belts and not spend and here we have one of their own departments looking at increasing licence fees by at least 400%—and that’s if they charge their figure of 25% of the real cost. If they settle on 75%, which I reckon they will, a lot of people will not be able to afford it. These people will either be forced to give up their lifestyle or become criminals. Most don’t mind paying a reasonable cost for the privilege of owning a firearm but, bloody hell, the increase being suggested is way over the top for a lot of people.

Let’s just go back to people who have no respect for the law. In our local paper, there was an article about a woman who was living in emergency housing being convicted of stealing over $10,000 worth of property from local retailers, over a period of months. Due to, cop this, the judge, “not wanting to interfere with her progress,” sentenced her to three months curfew and 12 months supervision. As she couldn’t afford it, there was no reparation ordered. FFS, there may as well be a sign up at all retail outlets saying, “Steal what you bloody like—there will be no consequences.”

I’m going to wrap this up with a couple of quotes from a couple of our imbecile cabinet ministers, hand picked by Jacinda. The first comes from Poto Williams who will be remembered as the worst Police Minister in history (10,000 cops can’t be wrong). On announcing her retirement, she said, “I have no regrets about what I have done.”

Ahh sorry minister, most of the population differ on that. The second, and I consider this one of the most divisive and dangerous I have heard, came from Willy Jackson. It went, “When we have control of the water, we have total control of Aotearoa.”

Think hard about that little gem.

So, no I’m not full of good cheer. I’m concerned for my country and I’m extremely concerned for that same country my grandkids are going to live in. Also, spare a thought for the poor bugger who, while at work providing for his family, got two fingers cut off by yet another lowlife and total waste of perfectly good oxygen.

Catch you next month.

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