Coutta’s Cut: Drop ins for drop outs

Well bugger me. Here we are bloody near halfway through another year; only six months until Christmas. After reading the article Lynne the Ruthless slipped in last month, I just hope I survive that long.

I was quite hurt and offended by most if not all of the wild and untrue accusations she publicly made against me. For example, I only pat her on the head and kiss the dog goodnight between May and the end of August.

When she gets a bit irritable about it, I patiently explain the dog does a lot more work during that time than she does. Yes, it used to happen a bit more when I was a police dog handler but that was a long time ago and it just may have been on one of those nights the dog drove me home.

As far as the two tons of firewood went, it was dry and light, so actually not that hard to move and stack. I really could not see the reason for her making such a huge issue about that one. I suppose I’m fortunate the Ruthless only had 500 words. I can only imagine the further exaggerations and untruths she would have come up with had she had more. You didn’t really put the money in her account did you Crimpy?

So, with the forecast being spot on for another day fishing, I was despite Lynne’s article in pretty good humour until I watched and listened to a very senior police officer on 3News the other morning.

Now, being an ex-cop, admittedly in the days when police attended to crime complaints and actively pursued criminals, I’m a bit defensive when it comes to the boys in blue being criticised. No more. I’m rapidly getting to the point where any pride I had in wearing the blue uniform is gone.

This superintendent came out on national TV and said crime is not actually increasing. It’s just people are reporting it more. He stuck to that even when the interviewer produced statistics showing crime throughout most of the country has risen over 30% since this woke, soft-spined government has been in office.

No, no, he kept saying, it’s just the reporting that has risen. Look at what we are doing behind the scenes he said.

Look at our wrap around services for young offenders he said. He even mentioned the first 24/7 youth drop-in centre in Hamilton, where the little shits can go and play pool and feel safe. He didn’t call them little shits, I did.

So here we have the first of many drop-in centres, where these kids can go and play pool instead of going to school, where they obviously don’t feel safe. Great training to become a useless member of society, who will probably be on the benefit for most of his or her life. I’ll add that the said benefit is being funded by honest taxpayers who never, in their lives, had 24/7 drop-in centres to go to. We went to school and when we finished that we got a job. I just wonder who wrote the script for the good superintendent to try and sell.

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