Coutta’s Cut: RIP your majesty… and woke lefty vegans

No one could ever even suggest I’m a royalist. Having said that, I found my temperature rising when the co-leader of the Green Party used this sad occasion as a platform for her to push her barrow and perhaps pick up a few Māori votes in the process.

Rawiri Waititi on the other hand, probably gained some admiration from those who, like me, don’t like him or his politics, when, during his address, he mentioned he has issues with the Crown but now was not the time to voice them. Well done that man.

To go back to my opening sentence, I’m not a royalist but Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne for my whole

life. She had the same issues a lot of parents have with their kids getting in the shit and having marriage breakdowns. She handled them with dignity. Being in the top job for that long wasn’t easy and she gets my respect. Rest in Peace Your Majesty.

Now, apparently there has been a bit of criticism about the content of Coutta’s Cut. Some, probably lefties who are considering becoming vegans and have no problem with the size of the carbon footprint it takes to produce one EV battery as long as we get rid of the cars most of the country not only need but can afford. They are of the opinion my writing is too political and even, yes, even right leaning.

You know what? They are right. Every day there is some new rule, regulation or law being introduced to make the lives of hunters and fishers more difficult. The one that stands up and whacks you is the new firearms legislation.

Recently, a tragedy occurred in Christchurch when a person who really has no right to breathe, brutally murdered over 50 people. Within weeks, the firearms laws changed. Okay, personally I wasn’t concerned to see the arse end of military semiautomatics. I would hazard a guess the vast majority would agree with me. Some however, like the three-gun participants have had their sport destroyed.

The procedure now for a new hunter to get a firearms license is nothing short of bloody ridiculous and the time for a renewal has caused a lot of owners not to bother having a firearm, which in my opinion is what the police want. Have a quick look at the new regs concerning the carriage of firearms. Don’t just have your shotgun in a bag on the back seat when driving to your maimai—you could lose it.

Let’s have another look at EVs. Buy one and you get money back, which comes from the people who need a diesel 4×4 for work, towing, to go hunting or fishing. Why should we be penalised for the lifestyle we chose? We are not the cause of global warming. It’s because our lifestyle is no longer acceptable to a large proportion of the population. Meat and fish come from supermarkets and guns have no place in this modern, woke PC world.

Yeah, maybe my writing has become a bit political and anti left-wing governments but can you bloody blame me?

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