Crimpy signs off …..into an African sunset

The ride was wild from the kick off— but what a ride it was! Annette and I started The Fishing Paper 18 years ago and from the outset it developed a life of its own and it very quickly became apparent that we were just along for the journey. We never imagined that it would become so popular, win multiple industry awards and endure for so long; today it still retains the highest circulation amongst other fishing and hunting publications. But it is more than a successful business model—it’s a mirror that reflects the best tradition of grass roots fishing and hunting. Over the years it has been the voice of readers, a platform from which many talented writers have fledged their pens— Daniel Crimp grew up with the paper and became a talented columnist in his own right—and it took me all over the world: fishing the South China Sea, Malaysia, Borneo, hunting the Swarovski Estate in Austria and moose hunting in Sweden with Norma Ammunition. It also birthed a new venture for Annette and I— hosted international travel.

Now, with mixed emotions, it is time to announce that Annette and I have sold The Fishing Paper & Hunting News. After 18 years to the day, the time was right for a change in direction, and now we are very happy to introduce new owner Nicola Morris to the fold. Nicola has been at the helm for several months now and is very much the right person to be taking over from where we left off. In wishing her every success, we also acknowledge the immense support of our readers over the years and part with a deep sense of gratitude for your loyalty.

However, we don’t intend to be idle. The break from media deadlines allows us to focus on our hosted international travel. Annette and I love sharing our passion for travel with couples throughout New Zealand and get a real kick out of hosting people to exotic destinations, including South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, Canada, the Yukon and Alaska, Niue and now, East Africa. Something must be working right because we have built up quite a team of repeat travellers. To coin an understatement, “Our hosted trips are a lot of fun!’

We specialise in small group excursions and have just put together our next trip for July/ August 2025: Daryl Crimp’s Adventure Africa: Kenya & Tanzania—a 16 day small group private nature safari. This safari covers it all: wildlife, history and culture. Highlights include bustling Nairobi, the Great Rift Valley, MT Kenya, the famous Ngorongoro Crater, the Masai Mara, Mt Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, more wild animals than you can shake a camera at, and much much more. (I stress that this is a non-hunting safari).

The Dark Continent is a compelling destination and Daryl Crimp’s Adventure Africa is an exciting way to experience the magic and allure of one of the last wild frontiers. I have travelled Africa a lot over the past decade, so can share insights and bring a new dimension to a hosted safari that you might not otherwise get.

This trip is strictly limited to 16 people and will sell out quickly, so if it sounds like you—contact me now for details: darylcrimp@gmail. com — 021 472 517

‘ Note

It’s been a steep learning curve for me taking over the paper in October 23 and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Daryl and Annette. I share their pride in the paper and look forward to continuing their fine traditions.

You can always get hold of me at editor@



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