Devil’s dash into hell

If there’s one thing Kiwi blokes look forward to, it’s a boys trip and as autumn rolled in, I was itching for one. I headed up from Dunedin with two mates and we rendezvoused with two more in Blenheim. With all the boys assembled we were ready to head out. This time the destination was d’Urville and the goal was catching some kingies. We had our skipper Big Dutchy, our deckhand was Oddyc, chief knot tier Mason, self-proclaimed navigational expert Tom, and me.

We drove through the Marlborough Sounds, launching the Stabicraft 2150 Supercab at French Pass before we steamed over to the island where our Air bnb was waiting. Unfortunately, we had to share the accommodation with others, and they were the messy sort. Roaming around at all hours, in out the house constantly, they even shit on the lino! It’s the last time I share a room with a weka.

The next morning there was no mucking around, we were straight out on the water. We fished French Pass by jigging 300- and 400-gram jigs. Turns out, we were all big fans of the pink ones but the kingie, not so much. We managed one good hookup and spent eight minutes reeling it in before the Taxman got him in the end.

Later that day we decided to head around the back side of d’Urville and dropped into a nice hole. The fish on this side liked pink a lot better and soon I’d hooked one. With my CD HAKU FASTJIG rod, paired with the Shimano SARAGOSA SW25000 and a THIRTY-SEVEN 400g Pink jig, I battled it out.

The power of this kingfish was unreal! You can watch YouTube videos till your eyes go square but it doesn’t do them justice. It felt like the devil was trying to pull me into hell. We only pulled in two kingies that day before we needed to head back. Big Dutchy has a heavy hand when he skippers, so we chewed through more fuel than expected.

Unfortunately, I started feeling below average on day two; my head felt like it might explode. I tested positive for covid and had to spend the rest of trip in bed, stuck with the weka.

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