Don’t whinge when they come for you

COLFO. Who are they?

The Council of Licenced Firearm Owners. They are just one group who are doing their utmost to safeguard our rights as licenced firearm owners and without them and other organisations like Pistol New Zealand and Deer Stalkers, things would be a whole lot worse off for us all.

How much support do they get from licence holders? Not nearly enough, as we frequently hear comments such as, “You do not speak for me” and “What have you done to help us?” This is so unfair, because COLFO does a lot and members spend a large amount of personal time doing tasks that no-one else wants or is prepared to do. The problem is, you may not always see what is being done in the background to get things through the door. To be effective, a lot of groundwork is put in, otherwise we risk having the doors closed on us. But trust me, I can honestly say that things would be a lot worse if we did not have the calibre of people fighting for us behind closed doors.

The actions of both government and police show they have little respect for us. This was proven beyond a doubt through their actions after the Christchurch shootings. The police do not like us, the UN does not want civilians being armed and our government cares more about what these people think, rather than hold constructive talks with our large population of licenced firearm holders.

New Zealand First was all talk but went with the others, costing them big time. ACT supported us and has increased their popularity 10 fold. Yet, I am betting that several of you still voted Labour. If you want to retain private ownership of your firearms in New Zealand then you need to be thinking about how you can help. Be it through a financial contribution towards COLFO or giving some of your time, your support is needed—it is way past time.

It will only be through large numbers standing together, that we can make enough noise to see some action. So join COLFO, through numbers we can make a difference; your name and your actions will give us strength. Do not stay on the sideline expecting others to fight this battle for you, step up and help fight, as currently the number of people doing just this is appallingly low. Help be part of the solution or bow down but don’t whinge when they make it too costly to own firearms—or worse… when they come for your guns, because that what they have in their sights. They are just not honest enough to come right out and tell you.

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