Double trouble on the micro jig

Two for one on the micro jig

The Bay of Many Coves is a stunning location to spend a few days fishing in the Marlborough Sounds and is a short 30 minute boat ride from Picton.

We were just about to leave for a day of fishing at our pre-planned spot when the wind picked up, so changed our plans and headed to the calmer east side of Blumine Island.

We set the anchor and commenced fishing, but the action was very slow and, after a few hours, we only had two blue cod in the bin. As lunch time was fast approaching, it was time to have a look through the lure box and see what might entice the fish to bite. Nearing the slack tide, I changed to a light rod and cast a green micro Kabura jig towards the shore. As the micro jig slowly and steadily dropped through the water, I detected a light bite on the rod, which suddenly developed an unexpected large bend in it. It was unusually heavy and I felt like the lure had snagged on the weedy and rocky bottom.

As I started to wind slowly, the rod continued to bend even further, but the line was now steadily winding in. I felt nodding and a few head shakes as the fish came through the weedline. Finally, it was free of weed and rocks and being wound in towards the boat.

As blue cod got closer to the surface, I realised I had a double hook up—two blue cod on the line. Quickly, I reached for the landing net and scooped both fish into the boat..

To my surprise, those tiny little Kabura hooks had hooked the two blue cod solidly in the side of each of their mouths.

We now had our blue cod quota, so it was time to pull up the anchor and head off to Furneaux Lodge for lunch—the famous Furneaux burger.

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