Drone Fish Update – new models in store soon

The fishing has been up and down in January and February around Canterbury. Our drone has had connection problems and needed brain surgery a couple of times so drone fishing has been non-existent. We were back to the odd day surfcasting. We found new areas down Mid-Canterbury with some good 4/5ft rigs coming home, to be shared around a few families. They were very tasty.

On a couple of these days, we witnessed multiple shoals of kahawai going past us, big fat ones, pigging out on krill. There are videos of the action appearing on our Facebook page Dronefish.co.nz . Scroll back a couple of months and you can see them.

We had a couple of good days with the boys on the rig and gurnard. We’ve been busy making and selling our flasher hooks and rigs, with our two-hook surfcasting rig selling well. Pink or red seems to do the damage, especially with the krill about. If chasing gurnard, both colours do well with pipi, pilchard, or fresh kahawai going great.

We recently have been given the go ahead to sell the Shark X drone here in Christchurch at $3200. If you are keen to know more about this amazing auto pilot or manual drone with a three-kilo lift, contact me direct through our page or call me on 0225408187.

Another great piece of news arrived on March 13. The new Aeroo Drone Pro arrived for us to test before it goes on sale. We have done a lot of work on the earlier Aeroo drones and have been rewarded with this early look at the new model. We can’t reveal too much about it as it’s in the Beta stage of development and changes are being made as we speak to enhance this drone even more. The new pro model will sell for around $1600, and we believe it will take a big chunk of that market range. It’s looking a beast on paper and gives you a superior drone compared to the condor drone. Bigger motors, superior wind capabilities, longer flight range, one kilo lift and the amazing camera system 4k, 3 axis camera, video and photos, two batteries to start with and spare props.

We will start flying this once we have read the manual a few times.

Our instruction from Aeroo is give it heaps and test out for us.

We will give a full review of the new to market Aeroo Drone Pro in next month’s paper.

Tight lines, Wayne and Tash

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