Dysfunctional Ivory Tower Council needs demolishing

The Nelson Citizens

Alliance is proud to endorse this group of outstanding Nelsonians, who have put their hands up to stand for the Nelson City Council in the coming October 8 election.

Never has there been a greater need for a new council to be elected. For the past three years we have witnessed the collapse of the present Nelson City Council into a totally ‘dysfunctional and politically influenced state.’ The infighting and selfish posturing around the council table has been deplorable and has resulted in many poorly made, undemocratic decisions, including: the introduction of a Māori Ward, supporting the 3 Water ‘racially inspired’ reforms and the sale of 150 Pensioner housing units for well under value. These are just some examples that have caused huge concern.

The result of this councillor discord has been good, as

six current councillors are not standing for re-election, so now there is a huge opportunity to have a fresh new group of councillors elected, who are prepared to work as team and are committed to better future for Nelson. I cannot stress too much how important it is for all Nelsonians to vote, to make this a reality.

This is no time for complacency and it is important we all realise that we can’t just sit aside and allow our council to continue to operate in some sort of ‘removed from the Community Ivory Tower’ way.

The promise of a new future for Nelson depends on you voting for the candidates endorsed by the Alliance. Please give them your preference when you mark your voting paper.


During my nine years as a councillor I have witnessed the decline of the once accepted democratic standards that were in place when I was first elected. This must stop. I have constantly battled at the council table to achieve the best outcomes for the people of Nelson and have often ended up in conflict by councillors with party political agendas. The candidates endorsed by the Nelson Citizens Alliance believe, like me, that there is no place for party politics at local government level and are are totally supportive of the team approach to the management of the city’s affairs. If elected mayor, I will be honoured to work with these candidates to restore a democratic council focused on making the best decisions for the people of Nelson.

Tim Skinner

Street cred:

Married with four children, a keen footballer and outdoor adventurer. Successfully run own photography studio business for 20 years. Prior to own business worked for an Auckland corporate marketing & software technology company.

Studied marketing, finance, science and technology at Massey University.

Nine years City Councillor, Chairman of Sport and Recreation. Committee, Chairman of Community & Recreation Committee. Past Resource Management Commissioner.


As a born and bred Nelsonian and a resident of 35 years, it’s disappointing to see our wonderful city becoming the “Lost City”.

It has also become the ‘city of red tape and reduced opportunities’. Together, the council and its residents must turn this around to return some vibrancy and colour to our region and make it the ‘go-to’ place for visitors. I’m a genuine team player and prepared to commit my time and energy to this cause.

Allan Hoult

Street cred:

Education Waimea College Supervisor JC Contracting;

Chief Fire Officer Stoke Volunteer Fire Brigade (18 years); Former Nelson representative cricketer.


With a lifetime connection to the ocean and being a member of the Dawn Breakers Fishing Club, I believe our ocean and beaches are a crown jewel of our region.

Nelson requires more vibrancy over the next few terms. With the change in the world over the last two to three years, there has been a narrative that implies “we are closed” and this needs to change. We need to inspire a more connected prosperous community that everyone can feel proud to be associated with.

Peter Win

Street cred:

Self employed. NMIT fully qualified chef.

Founder of NZCS (New Zealand Coastal Seafood) listed on ASX and Medical Kiwi, soon to be listed on ASX. Contracted into the oil and gas industry for eight years, working on projects globally and extensively traveled to over 50 countries. Community Positions Held:

Brought the Warriors and Snapper Fest to Nelson with Trafalgar Events. 100% private enterprise to get Nelson moving. This was a huge achievement for our region and a massive boost for the region’s economy.


I’m standing for the Stoke—Tahunanui Ward. I’m currently an experienced independent councillor and one of the roles I hold is the Deputy Chair of Community and Recreation Committee. I am a qualified Commissioner, in line with the Resource Management Act via the Ministry of Environment requirements. Nelson is a beautiful region and has a lot to offer to meet the needs of people who live here. I strongly believe people are the backbone of our community and engagement builds collaboration and trust.

Trudie Brand

Qualifications: Making Good Decisions Resource

Management Act Hearing Certification; Commissioner Ministry of Environment Post Graduate Diploma Social Services Supervision – Massey University

Bachelor of Commerce and Management – double major Management and Marketing Lincoln University VCANZ – Celebrant Association NZ and Diploma in Celebrancy – Celebrant Training College (Australia/NZ) Diploma in Career Guidance – NMIT Diploma Life Coach – Sackville Academy Australia. Current Employment: self employed independent celebrant

Current Community: Nelson YMCA – Board Member and Youth into Governance; Mentor; Rutherford Rotary – current financial member and Trust Board member Past President; National Council of Women Nelson Branch


The current council ignores what Nelsonians have to say—87% of submissions were against 3 Waters. The council discarded all appearance of being democratic when they barely paid lip service to this in their pro 3 Waters submission to the government. We need a democratic council in practice, not just in theory. I intend bringing back reasoned debate based on scientific principles. I’m a committed team player with an emphasis on consensus reached through respect for others’ views

Zoe Byrne

Street cred:

Educated Nelson College for Girls. Studied genetics at Otago University.

Spent 18 months teaching English in China. Well travelled.

Interests include tramping and diving – has diving qualifications and is studying further. Brook Sanctuary volunteer.

Has scientific literacy and good understanding of economic cycles.


After seeing the city I love slowly lose the spark that made it special, I knew I couldn’t stand by anymore—I needed to stand up for Nelson. I want my daughter to grow up in a safe, vibrant city full of opportunity where business is booming and community is at its heart. I am very concerned over the lack of community support and the financial oversight of the previous council—this must change, and it will be my focus. I am a strong team player, with the tenacity to tackle hard issues and see the job through.

Manufacturing jewellery course Levels 1-3 2010., Past Tasman Youth Councillor.


Nelson needs a strong purposeful vision for future development and my extensive leadership and management experience will help council achieve this. I have empathy for citizens’ needs and ideas and am committed to good decision making through genuine communication and collaboration with the people of Nelson. I am an active sport enthusiast and involved environmentalist.

Murray Cameron

Street cred:

A well rounded person with exceptional communication skills and background in education as primary school principal in many areas. Qualifications include: ChCh Institute of Management – Non-Accountants and Company Management Certs.

Diploma of Educational Management – Massey University Advanced Diploma of Teaching – Massey University Bachelor of Education (Massey 17/21) – Massey University credits Was education consultant to NZ schools – self-owned education consultancy business. Strong administrative abilities.

Other interests include cycling – has held executive positions within various cycling bodies – South Island representative at Cycling NZ. Currently President Cycling Nelson.


Nelson—New Zealand’s solar city: as a business owner with a science and engineering background, it is obvious that we need to use the sun to sustainably reduce our cost of living, increase our resilience and power us up! Locally owned and managed community housing is desperately needed so, as a council, let’s get it sorted. A bylaw banning the dumping of consumable food will ensure affordable, healthy food is available for those in need.

Harry Pearson

Street cred:

New Zealand Certificate of Science, Central Institute of Technology (CIT), Diploma in Horticultural Management, Lincoln College, Marine Engineer (Class 3 and 4), Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT), Diploma in Small Business Management, Barbican Training Centre Superyacht Engineer

Investor and residential property manager and owner Owner Operator of Storage Nelson Limited and Park and Fly Nelson

Current member of: Nelson Property Investors Association, Nelson Business Networking Group, Nelson Tree Crops Association, Maire Stream Guardians, Nelson Canoe Club, Nelson Squash Club


My motivation to stand for council has arisen out of the almost complete disregard the present council has for the Nelson business community. All business owners have experienced very hard times for many reasons and a new council with business management experience is desperately called for.

I have been in business in Nelson for 19 years so, if elected, I am well positioned to be a strong advocate for the people who own and operate Nelson businesses—and, coincidentally, many are my customers.

Mani Rai

Street cred:

Married with two children. Bachelor in Food technology.

Owner/Operator Little India Restaurant 19 years.

Is intimate in his knowledge of Nelson CBD issues and is prepared to be a voice for the business community. Golf when time permits.


If elected to council I want to: Advocate for those most vulnerable in Nelson, considering how council decisions affect budgets, accessibility and wellbeing. Transform the way our council works with our community, engaging local assets, voices, and expertise. Collaborate across our diverse community to ensure none are overlooked: seniors, young people, families, and beyond.

James Hodgson

Street cred:

Educated in Nelson and two years working at accountancy practice. Married with two children. Diploma in Social Work.

Currently leader in Uniting Church,

Advisory committee member of Habitat for Humanity

Founded Nelson Hub of Kai With Love food rescue service—supporting 31 families.

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