East Cape Safari 2025, spaces still available

It’s amazing the number of Kiwi hunters who dream of hunting Africa. “It’s on my bucket list!” Is what I typically hear.

It’s also amazing the number of Kiwi hunters who never get past the dreaming stage, which is a genuine tragedy because it’s a lost opportunity.

An authentic African safari surpasses even the most wildly optimistic hunter’s expectations and leaves you with lifelong memories.

Most safari hunters dream of taking the iconic kudu—the grey ghost and called that for a reason: nature has blessed it with the ability to vanish in plain sight. It is truly an impressive creature; elegant, stately almost, graceful and yet indomitable of spirit. It’s towering spiral horns and ‘finger-painting’ face markings make it one of Africa’s most mesmerising antelopes.

But of course, there are many more plains game animals to target-something like 40 plains game alone-and that is what makes a hunting safari such an experience-that and the wild scenery, beautiful native locals, the culture, the smell and the crackle of the campfire at night, and that first ‘sundowner’ after a long dusty day on the trail.

Over the past decade, I have organised many safaris to the Dark Continent and no hunter has returned disappointed. In fact, many have returned to Africa multiple times. There’s an old African saying: “Everything in Africa bites-but the safari bug bites worst of all!

I have organised a special group safari to East Cape Karoo for 2025; a wildly exciting destination and very affordable for Kiwis. The advantages of joining a group are numerous: the organising is done for you; many of the fixed costs are shared and safaris are always best enjoyed in the company of others.

The camp atmosphere is amazing. We use authentic safari tent camps or small bespoke lodges that appeal to Kiwi hunters. Our operators are professionals who have been in the safari business for generations and the native staff are simply wonderful. Warm, friendly and generous.

Most importantly, the hunting is sublime.

Stop dreaming… let’s do it! Enjoy the fun of safari minus the stress.

Call now for more information: 021 472 517 or email: [email protected].

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