Election no shot in the dark

Has restrictions on legitimate firearms users increased public safety?

This election year is the most important vote for most of us. I’m not going to say who you should vote for, but I will say what I’m thinking and planning, and the reasons why. These are my opinions only.

The attack on the firearms licence holders is the issue I’m basing my vote on, due to the poor treatment of my friends and I, the clubs and those who give their time to help run these clubs. The clear message is, certain political parties want to stop private ownership of firearms. I have issues with this and not just because I am a very keen pistol shooter, have met some great friends through it and been lucky to represent New Zealand several times. The issues are complex and layered.

Take for example, animal welfare. I don’t believe anyone should be allowed to have stock, no matter how many, or the size of your land holdings, without the ability to put an injured or sick animal down in order to stop it suffering. This is very important in my opinion. Leaving an animal to suffer while a careless owner tries to find someone else to do what they should have been able to do quickly and efficiently is vital.

If people really cared, they would be supporting a government that has a move to increase firearms ownership and usage, which is the opposite to the current political climate.

With the cost of food as it is, hunting for the table is becoming very important— not to mention the need to control wild animals and pests—so why is firearm ownership being challenged so much? Firearms are an important tool for a lot of people and an integral part of our unique Kiwi culture— the nation was founded on the right and ability to hunt and gather.

The media likes to make headlines; sensationalising shootings and putting a negative spin on firearms is ’bread & butter’ and they do their best to make every little story bigger and worse than the last. So much so, many have lost faith in their story telling, because it hasn’t been real news for a long time.

Most of our troubles started after the Christchurch shooting and all bar one politician turned on us like mad dogs. Most wouldn’t even talk to the shooting groups but went ahead and voted the firearms ban through. One admitted to me he didn’t really understand what he voted for, then tried to say it was political suicide not to— that’s BS.

David Seymour from ACT didn’t see it that way and, in the next election, ACT went from one seat to 10 strong.

For me, its party vote ACT, as I want them stronger still and we do need a change of government. Do I agree with everything he says? Nope, but I can live with that as those I have met from the ACT team seem to be real working people—not just politicians.

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