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Want to escape the everyday bombardment of information and escape outdoors? Still want to be contactable if it’s important? Pick up an in Reach Satellite device from TrackMe NZ with a NEW Dedicated SMS number. TrackMe NZ are now able to offer dedicated SMS numbers to inReach devices to enable better connection from text capable devices.

“This development has been 3 years in the making and allows our clients the freedom to connect with anyone else on the globe via their inReach device. It is the missing piece of the puzzle that will allow our customers to fully connect with other users of GARMIN inReach and ZOLEO devices around the world. For our adventurers it sets a new standard in the world of communication.” – David Tait – National Sales Manager, TrackMe NZ Dedicated SMS numbers allocated to TrackMe NZ inReach devices are maintained on the TrackMe NZ Portal and deliver to all mobile networks throughout the globe.

Setting a new standard in the world of communication

A TrackMe NZ customer can request a number be assigned to their inReach device and, 

• This will be a direct number for people to text to the inReach device from a cell phone, satellite phone, GARMIN connected inReach, ZOLEO, or SPOT-X.

• It will register with any device that the inReach communicates with as a valid SMS capable number.

Customers can apply for a number on the connection form when first connecting to TrackMe NZ or, for existing customers, by email request to: [email protected]

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