Fishing Fix

Dan’s fishing fixation started early

It’s a tough job being carried to someone with salt water in their veins. Talk of the weather invariably relies on its suitability for fishing rather than getting stuck into garden work and, if the tides and winds are right, anything can be shuffled around to make room for a day on the water.

Luckily, I enjoy a great day fishing too – although not to the extent where it is as necessary as oxygen, like someone I know. We are very fortunate to live in a region that allows for excellent fishing and in a variety of modes such as on and offshore, kayak or boat, open seas and sounds. All of it right on our doorstep. As you are all aware, the weather hasn’t been overly favourable for getting out fishing, in any form, lately – I’m sure if we had a sea-view the carpet would be threadbare from “someone” pacing back and forth, watching the clouds and rain crawl over the mountains more frequently than ever. But the last few days have dawned clear and calm, with a definite feel of spring promise. Some seem to think that the abundance of pollen in the air is a signal of snapper coming. I don’t know how true that is but if work commitments and weather can align and someone I know, who desperately needs it, can get his fishing fix, then it’s a good enough sign for me (less so for my hay fever).

The next season of the DawnBreakers Fishing club commences on October 1st and is a great way to meet likeminded fishing focussed people. We chat about great catches and not so successful days and share a love of fishing in varied ways. We have spear fishers, freshwater fishers, boats ranging from kayaks to 10m and everything in between. Come down to our open day on September 11th, 3-5pm, at the City Club Kinzett Terrace to join the DawnBreakers Fishing Club!

Front cover caption: Razel Parsons, one of the Dawnbreakers Fishing Club kayaking members, sits proud atop her kayak with an awesome snapper

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