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It always pays to check

Bloke I know fancies himself as a bit of a handyman and in his retirement has plenty of time on his hands to muck about in his workshop. Doesn’t matter who he chats to, he invariably offers to make something, fix something, refurbish something or to give just whatever it is you might show him a tweak to make it go better. And he doesn’t do too bad a job either.

Mind you he does have occasional failures, most by way of a lack of concentration on his part. He is easily distracted. Latest balls-up came when he offered to sharpen the blades on his neighbour’s lawn mower. It was one of those jobbies with four short blades swinging on the end of a large disc. Off come the blades, up onto the work bench and a few minutes of meticulous grinding. Blades went back on the mower done up finger tight for starters and then the spanner work started in earnest. One down tight, three to go and the phone rang. It was another neighbour needing a hand with a vehicle breakdown. Off he went in his truck to aid and assist.

Meanwhile the owner of the mower calls by to collect his machine. Has a quick look in the workshop, tilts the mower and sees the shiny edges on the blades and pushes it across the street to get started on his lawns. Two thirds along the first pass on the front yard the mower starts to vibrate, something flies out from under and smashes through the side of his house. The next piece of shrapnel hurtles into his fence before he shuts down the machine which was pretty much shaking itself to pieces. The two neighbours have yet to agree whose fault it was that the lawn mower is to all intents munted.

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