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Over the last few months New Zealand has had to deal with segregation—the vaxxed and un-vaxxed. I don’t care what different people have done as far as having it or not, that’s their personal choice, not my business. But we have had to live with some restrictions.

The good news is this looks to have come to an end but, while we have this government, nothing is safe and another lockdown is just waiting an excuse. While we have been having a hard time with the limits on numbers at events, thankfully, that crap has come to an end. This had led to some hard feelings, when what we should have been doing is banding together. The missing of an event isn’t really that big a deal and just something that resulted from a personal choice.

While events were one thing, bitching between each other at home clubs was something I couldn’t understand. How could clubs and its members have looked at restricting other members from club days.

The question of why anyone would think they were more important than another member is just wrong. I’m all for getting more and more people shooting, and while I have my favourite style of pistol shooting, which is IPSC, the truth is I don’t care, be it Smallbore(.22), Long range (.338 or 50 Cal) Shotgun or Pistol, or the different hunting rifles you use.

The more people we can get shooting and holding a firearms licence the better. We have more than enough enemies from the antis so backup and look at how you can help each other.

Otherwise, you are helping the other side, because in-fighting and indifference helps weaken our voice. They haven’t finished with us and that’s easy to see in their latest moves.

The new Shooting Range Manual has been released and it is going to have more of an effect on all shoots thought-out New Zealand than the ban ever did. If you don’t think so, have a thought about where you shoot because anything more than a little sighting in, makes it a range and if the target you sight in on is permanent, then it may soon be considered a range and require a Certificate of Approval granted by the Commissioner of Police.

Look it up, as this will affect you. And who do you think they are going to make pay for this? I believe this is just another step to get people to quit and to close shooting ranges. It will lower firearm safety as a whole—get your head out of the sand people.

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