A collection of pig-hunting stories from veteran Kiwi hunter/ hunting author Kim Swan, whose nine previous titles were published by Halcyon Press.

Each short chapter recounts an engaging pig-hunting tale full of action, humour, triumphs and disappointments.

Available at all good book stores and online Only $39.95

“Kim is undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s great outdoor storytellers, definitely in the league of the late Barry Crump and leading the pack of contemporary writers.  Her unique yet natural writing style and whimsical narrative bring a charm to her stories that capture the hearts and minds of hunters and non-hunters alike-a true gift.  Kim’s stories have proved a popular staple for The Fishing Paper & Hunting News readers for well over a decade.

The author of ten books, Kim has solidified her place as one of our true literary gems and one of life’s lovely people to boot! This book deserves a treasured spot in your library; it won’t disappoint.” Crimpy

“Had I lived long enough to read Kim’s work, I would have been impressed by her tight narrative, delightful prose and originality. I may have even learned a thing or two about spinning a good yarn.  If I were alive today, and sober, I would definitely recommend you buy this book!”

Ernest Hemingway

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