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Puhi Peaks, Canterbury

20 years ago, Tinder took the world by storm. Today the hunting world faces a similar phenomenon, Hunting HQ

Bringing hunters, farmers, and landowners together for a match made in hunting heaven. In this Tinder meets Airbnb situation hunters get to shoot game on prime land, while the landowners get the benefit of free pest control and more!

Grant Shanks sat down with Marc Featherstone, CEO of HuntingHQ, to discuss the business, backstory, and benefits of this groundbreaking service.

Rangitoto Lands, Waikato

When the government changed the firearms laws around semi-automatic weapons in 2019 Marc found himself unable to shoot 3-gun. The absence of this sport spurred him back into the direction of hunting where the idea for Hunting HQ was born.

“I hit on the idea of establishing a company that would put hunters and landowners together in a mutually beneficial way. Speaking to many hunters, the problems of access to private land, mainly due to liability issues, came up as the number one frustration for most of them. I decided there had to be a way to accommodate both parties. It took about a year of planning to bring things together. We’ve now been operating for more than a year and are experiencing a 26% monthly growth in membership, and that includes hunters and landowners who are coming on board.”

For hunters’ membership is $249 annually to hunt on quality, private land safe from liability issues that could normally occur.

“We have properties from the very Far North to the Deep South on our books. These include high country stations, farms, forestry blocks and reserve areas. All are premium hunting properties and they are available for our members. We provide the contacts, the overall management for both landowners and hunters.

We’ve negated liability problems, something that has been a major hurdle for landowners over the years, by taking out ten million dollars of liability insurance to cover both parties.”

While hunting was the initial focus of the operation, HuntingHQ has grown to include additional benefits and a variety of clientele.

“We have products and producers offering huge discounts on a wide range of products and services.

Family groups are welcome on most properties, accommodation, from campsites and shearer’s quarters to luxury lodges are available as required. Many people want trekking, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and in one case hang gliding terrain, in addition to hunting. The majority of our landowners can accommodate many of these side options as well as the hunting aspect. It’s a whole new world waiting for our members out there. Access, the security of knowing your party is the only one hunting on the land, and a huge liability insurance backup it’s a potent combination.”

Are you looking for the perfect match? Go to and see what HuntingHQ can provide for you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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