Improvement from dedication

Over the last few years, we have had some very keen new members join our club. They have not only stuck with the sport, but have made some impressive improvements in their shooting, getting better and better each time out. We are not a large club with under 30 members, but we do okay, and this has been helped by these new faces.

Shooting was not new to a couple of them, as having firearms in both South Africa and America is quite normal depending on the areas they came from, but shooting in competitions and IPSC matches is quite a different thing to what they had done previously. As this is the style we specialise in, that’s the path they joined.

We always talk about some of the other styles clubs shoot in our area so new people can pick what suits them the best, but they don’t often leave after seeing what we do. We have a good base of shooting skills and just as importantly very experienced and skilled range officers, who freely give plenty of advice and coaching. Coaches Johan and Josh have both moved up the ranks and gained Master grade quicky, while also doing a NIOA range officer training, which is competition referees in other sports. They have added to our club skill base, which also means the so-called friendly weekend shoots are hotly contested.

I think we are a bit different, because as much as we support each other, taking the mickey out of each other helps keep everyone grounded and no one is safe or off limits to be laughed at and made fun of, including myself.

While these newbies have done well others are very close, Chris, Carl and Charles are doing very well but family commitments have meant a slightly slower rise in grades, but they are improving!

This has been great for my own shooting as I must work to keep ahead of them, which is getting harder to do. I also get a kick out of seeing how proficiently they compete, and the bling always collected at prize giving.

IPSC is different as we must master the flexibility to adjust with whatever is thrown at us, because every stage is shot but once and they are new each time. So, smoking a stage or blowing one is always a strong possibility as we push our speeds, while still needing good hits.

That’s what keeps us going back. Look up Pistol NZ if you are up for a challenge.

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