Ladies First

My wife and I decided to take the opportunity for a early morning fish in Tasman Bay whilst Nana came over to look after the kids.

We hit the water at 3:45am no wait at the ramp, hooned out to the radio tower just off the boulder bank. Dropped 3kg burly and waited. Tracy had a good hit but turned the drag the wrong way and lost her gear ( good lesson there ).

I had a stray line out the back which proved to be the candy for snapper I pulled in 3 good size snapper and Tracy had not had a bite since she lost her gear….

It was just before high tide I dropped another 3kg burly and flicked the stray line out one last time as we had plenty of fish.

I could see Tracy was gutted not having caught a fish, I said to her next time the stray line runs it’s all yours. Some time had past and then the reel started screaming so she took over.

It was an interesting fight, I was convinced it was a big ray or shark as there was no nodding of the rod, I knew it was big as Tracy was having trouble keeping the rod out of the water… eventually the fish surfaced.

I couldn’t believe my eyes it was huge fish which we struggled to pull on board. Whilst it was only 77cm long it weighed in at a whopping 22lb . A great personal best for Tracy and for our family.

If I had only known it was a 20lb fish I would of pulled it in myself as I am still to join the 20lb+ club.

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