Letter to a son

Daniel bags his biggest boar

Dear Son,

It was fantastic seeing you again after your first semester at Otago Uni and congratulations on the effort you have put in and the well deserved first A+. Mum and I are so proud.

It was great having you home… for those brief interludes around dinner time and before bed when you weren’t catching up with mates, fishing with Sam, hunting with Sam, visiting Sam and… partying with Sam and the lads. Yes I did enjoy the flounder thanks.

Yes I do understand that Uni is not like school, you have to work really hard and it does cut into your hunting and fishing time… it’s called the real world and a very warm welcome to it. And yes, petrol is ‘bloody expensive’ when you have to pay for it yourself… And yes of course you can leave your van at home and take the Toyota Starlet back to Uni— should be able to fit a couple of stags in the hatchback.

Stag party

I do appreciate that you were desperate to get into the hills and have a hunt while you were home and I did enjoy ferrying you all over the South Island and cooking for you. No I am not disappointed you couldn’t get out of the sleeping bag at four o’clock in the morning to help me with pest control because I understand Uni life must be exhausting and you needed your catch up sleep.

Yes I was very impressed with your hunting efforts: three stags, four goats, one boar and 50 wallaby in seven days IS a pretty mean effort—BACKBONE… MASSIVELY SO! It makes me proud to think I must have taught you well.

Daniel took his first buck in the rut

I’m pleased you enjoyed your mid term break, even though you feel it wasn’t long enough AND yes, I know you are now back to the grind.

Mum and I are well, thanks. She’s busy mopping up after the mini cyclone wreaked havoc in every room of our very large house. Me? I’m still processing meat… I only have two stags to skin and break down, then I’ll cut, bag, mince and make sausages. I think we will get close to 1200 sausages out of the trimmings. Thanks for going out of your way to supply Mum and me with meat and yes, we do appreciate not having to buy it. Yes I have ordered more ammo for you and another carton of Radix meals are on their way.

I am so pleased the week at home recharged your batteries… mine are now completely drained.

We look forward having you home when, once again, you can keep us supplied with meat. We should be ready for some more by late 2023… see you then!

Love Dad.

The chiller

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