Long cast tips

Some long cast components

Many surfcasting spots require a long cast to put your bait into the fishy zone. Length can be added to a cast in many ways, including the following.

Thickness of main line. The thinner the line, the further the cast will go. Braid or a quality mono is the answer here. Note that 20lb braid is .25mm diameter and top quality 8kg mono is .35mm diameter. That’s why I prefer to use braid.

Streamlined sinker. The aerodynamic shape of the breakaway sinker is the way to go to get maximum distance. Use the ones with the built-in bait clip to further streamline the unit.

Tapered shock leader. These give you the ability to apply full force in the cast without breaking the main line. They taper from the thicker, stronger business end to a thinner version to make a smooth joining knot with the main line.

Quality rod. Today’s modern rods using space age materials are light, strong, powerful and a far cry from the heavy fibreglass of yesteryear. New Zealand is a world leader in this field, providing components for America’s airship industry. Fourteen and a half foot is an ideal length for most people.

Technique. Dump the overhead thump. It limits your range of motion. For improved distance dangle the sinker behind you then gently swing it from side to side. If you are right handed start your body rotation when the sinker has swung as far to the left, behind you as far as you can get it. Follow up the body rotation with arm and shoulder inputs and that sinker will fly.

Terminal tackle. Limit yourself to one bait rigs such as the pulley rig or the one hook clipped down ledger rig.

Bait. Keep baits small and compact. Use bait elastic to keep them intact during the powerful cast.

Finger stall. Use a finger stall to enable the use of full force in the cast with no fear of damaging your release finger. Make finger stalls from the cut off fingers from an old leather glove.

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