Looking back at Kaikoura marina

We are back for another long weekend fishing trip to Kaikoura. It’s a cool sunny morning and I am standing at the end of the jetty at the South Bay marina, taking in the stunning scenery where the mountains meet the sea.

Looking around, it’s hard to believe that a MW 7.8 earthquake occurred on November 14, 2016, which created an average uplift of nearly one metre in the South Bay area. It greatly reduced the depth of the water for accessing the slipway and created many new navigation hazards in the area.

This had a significant impact over the 2016-17 summer tourist season for both local and international tourists, as tourism and fishing were worth almost $150 million to the Kaikoura economy every year. Approximately 26 percent of the employment was in the accommodation and food sector and a further 14 percent in retail support.

Given the significant impact to the local economy, the government fast tracked the marina repairs at an estimated cost of $5million and upgraded the infrastructure, including repairing the slipway and marina, as well as deepening the main channel out of the harbour, which required over 5000 cubic metres of material to be excavated.

Just over a year later, Saturday, November 4, as I was passing through Kaikoura and South Bay, a temporary stop bank was in place and the water pumps were pumping out the water against the incoming tide as the concrete trucks were continuously pouring the new concrete ramp, to the relief of many boaties and the local community and saving the upcoming Christmas holidays.

As you look around the marina area, we now have the following facilities: 

• Pre-launch parking area. 

• Three lane ramp. 

• Six premium parking spots for boats and trailers, next to the ramp. 

• New jetty. 

• Easy access overflow parking approximately 100 metre walk.

• Toilet facilities.

• Wash down area and rubbish bin. 

• Fuel – diesel only. 

• Launch fee $10.00 paid via machine or $85 per month or $299.00 per annum.

It’s only when you look back at the photos do you realise how much damage was done and how much hard work was undertaken to fix and repair the marina within the year.

Time to hop on board and head out for another adventure and enjoy the stunning fishing and wildlife.

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