Max on a Mission

The mission began for 7 year old Max Harwood setting off from Port Nelson. 

Max was very focussed and determined to catch his first albacore tuna to add to his species list for his Dawnbreakers Fishing Club competition. We took some big gear out with us to make it easier for him if he managed to hook a big fish. We headed out to the Eastern side of the bay towards Okiwi Bay/Durville Island after we received some friendly intel of tuna being caught in the area. We steamed to the 50m contour line and set the gear, 5 lures out behind the boat, and we were fishing. There was a lazy northwest swell rolling in, after an hour, this unfortunately got the better of Max and made him seasick. He was not giving up! We got a call from a friend who was fishing on the other side of the bay who had managed to catch an albacore, so we pulled in the gear and headed over that way. The conditions were much better over that side of the bay and with the promising information of a fish being caught, this perked Max up.

After 20 mins towing lures on a much calmer western side of Tasman Bay, Anton saw some fish busting up, so we turned the boat to cut in front of them. No sooner had Anton put the lures past the fish, BOOM the starboard outrigger went and Max had a fish on! Max leaped into action, grabbed the rod and started reeling.

After a short fight, he had the fish boat side and landed! Max was ready with his Dawnbreakers card and measure mat to make the catch official for club points. He gave the tuna a quick pat on the head before dispatching and bleeding the fish and getting it straight into a slurry of salt ice. Max was absolutely chuffed to achieve his target catch after battling sea sickness and a slow start, his determination is outstanding! Just the one tuna caught on this trip but lots of smiles from Max, he was very proud! 

A big lesson learnt that no fish is guaranteed, and patience is a must.

There are still a few species to tick off for Max this season, he is excited and determined for his next fishing trip!

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