New Pulsar Merger LRF’s raise the bar and fill a gap

Pulsar have launched two new Merger LRF bi-oculars for 2023, each of which compliments their existing Merger LRF XP50 which was launched last year and became an instant success with hunters and professionals alike.

NEW Pulsar Merger LRF XL50

Pulsar have now upped-the-ante with their new flagship Pulsar Merger LRF XL50, which maintains all the benefits of the existing model but is fitted with the new XL Lynred 1024×768 / 12µm sensor. The new XL sensor brings an unprecedented level of performance in a compact, easy to use hand-held thermal imager. This provides keen hunters and professional users with a wider field-of-view and the ability to increase magnification with more clarity.

NEW Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35

This exciting new thermal suits the more budget conscious whilst delivering outstanding performance. Fitted with a Lynred 384×288 / 17µm / sensor, f1.0 35mm lens, and an industry leading <25mK NETD performance, it is suitable for hunting, marine and professional use. All the features and benefits of its more expensive stablemate are maintained, while delivering the user exceptional value-for-money.

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