No hiding in the grass with the Pulsar Axion 2 LRF XQ35

A warm summer breeze gently drifted past me, I quietly shifted positions making sure the wind was blowing in my face so no unsuspecting rabbits would spook.

The stars glistened in the clear sky although the moon was not active, perfect for nighttime hunting. On this hunt, I was helping a friend with some pest control in their plant nursery and apple orchard.

I had hunted there with Pulsar thermals for a while now and there were noticeably fewer rabbits around plus, my results were leagues above anyone hunting there in daylight.

Tonight I was testing out the Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35 LRF paired with a .22 and spotlight. I started by picking my way through the nursery looking down each row of plants hoping to find the culprits. It wasn’t long before a glowing heat signature caught my eye. I zoomed in on the thermal and was able to easily identify that it was a hedgehog, although they are pests it wasn’t what I was after so I let him be.

It had been a hot summer’s day and the rocks and gravel were able to retain heat long after dark but that was no issue at all for the Axion 2 it produces a clear image and I could safely spot and identify where I was walking as well as two rabbits in the distance. With the wind on my side, I crept in, sneaking around plants and small trees until I had a safe backdrop. Once comfortable I flicked the spotlight on and took both of them out.

Pulsar Young’uns contributor Daniel with a pair of Bennett’s wallabies

After putting them in my pack I moved over to the orchard where long grass choked the isle between trees. Usually, this environment would make daytime hunting or spotlighting incredibly difficult but it was no problem at all for the thermal. I was able to spot rabbits in the rows with ease but getting a shot became an issue. By leaning up against the strainer posts I was able to knock over another three rabbits and called it a night. I was impressed with the Axion 2 XQ35 LRF and its image clarity, ability to detect heat, and battery life.

I have also used this unit for wallaby hunting combined with a Pulsar thermal XP50 PRO riflescope through very long grass with very successful results.

It has been a game changer to my night time and day hunting and will continue to assist me for a long time.

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