Oddities and Weirdos

I keep coming back to the world of fishing to see what I can find, especially offshore. The deeper you go the more chances you get to encounter something out of this world.

I found myself 7 kms out to sea on a kayak. The area I fish out here is known as ‘the drop-off’ a steep gradient increasing to a flat and sandy bottom, there is no reef to hold the fish in the area only food, current and the depth change. Year round a wide range of fish can be found here.

It was a full moon and the current was ripping in a southward direction making it a challenge to get my hooks down to the fish on the slope. I had to resort to 200g Kabura heads and 8-ounce sinkers just to keep some contact with the bottom.

The fishing was tough and sign was mostly scarce. I reset my drift regularly so that I wouldn’t be swept too far down the coast. The only way to stay over fish was to paddle into the current while lines are out, making this a balancing act.

On I fished and eventually a number of spread out marks appeared on my screen signaling I should drop down to them. Out from under the boat came a long silver fish and it was excitement as the fish was a frostfish! The comically sword shaped fish, possibly the most reflective of all fish species. It measured just under 1.5 metres and had a section bitten off at its rear.

I had been lucky to land this one, my other hook had been bitten off by the other frostfish in the school. Catching weirdos like this out here is what keeps bringing me back for more and I cannot wait for the next unusual fish rising to the surface on my line.

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