Off to the World IPSC Championships

I’m honoured to have been selected for the New Zealand Open Pistol Team for the World Shoot in Thailand, which has been on hold for two years. It was meant to be held first in 2020 then again in 2021.

With things getting back to something like normal, my fellow team members and I are looking forward to this. The team in Thailand have a good reputation for putting on good shoots and, with over two years extra prep time, I don’t expect to be disappointed.

As you can expect, there is more than just an Open team going. The different style of pistols puts you into competition with other shooters with the same type of gear. Because I get confused easily, I have shot Open for a very long time. This is mostly due to there being few restrictions, so most anything goes and I can adjust to what suits me.

Making the team is one thing, then there is the paperwork required to take our pistols out of the country and back again. To be fair, the New Zealand side has been quite easy, while the Australian bit has been on going and a bit confusing for an old man. The other option of flying through Singapore was not to be seriously considered as the risk of an extended stay was just too much. This is just the way it is when travelling with firearms; there are hoops to jump through.

This year hasn’t quite gone to plan for me and the breakage of my competition pistol has been anything but ideal. After some great work by Gun Supplies in getting it fixed and back into shape just in time for me to take it away, meant the changing of pistols at the last minute was avoided. I wanted my own gun anyway.

The ‘Worlds’ has 1600 of the best shooters from all over the globe and is run at a couple of levels above anything we hold here. Then there is the heat; they always seem to hold these matches in the hottest places, so you need to learn very quickly water is more than just a friend but essential to get through the day. I have been blessed to have been a member of New Zealand teams before but am always proud to represent our country.

So as the year finishes and everyone wants to think of doing better next year, how about Pistol Shooting? Look up Pistol New Zealand—you won’t be disappointed.

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