Once, Twice, Three times a lady

I’m not usually one to share things like this, but if it makes someone else who has had major health issues believe that they can get out on the water and live a full life again, then I’m all for it! 

A bit of a back story— excuse the pun—last year was a real roller coaster for me and my family. After developing debilitating pain in one of my legs, an MRI revealed a cyst in my spine. I was referred to a specialist in Wellington and was told I would need to have the cyst removed, and also would need to have a spinal fusion with rods, screws and a cage. To a usually fit and healthy 36 year old, this news was absolutely gutting. Hence why the month of January will be one I will never forget! 

As a family, we absolutely love fishing so I asked my surgeon, prior to my op, if I would be able to go on a boat again and would I be able to fish? He said yes, eventually. We joked about my back holding up if I managed to hook a 20 pounder. He just laughed.

Well, he gave me the go ahead to get out on the water as long as it didn’t cause me any pain. We waited for nice and flat conditions before heading out the Sounds with the kids. Eight weeks after my op, we ventured out and caught a couple of pannies and a kahawai that was quickly chopped up for bait. Next drop, with a wee chunk of kahawai, bang! With encouragement from the family (don’t go too hard out! Watch the line! Careful of your back, etc ) I landed a 25 pounder! It was a pretty emotional day, that’s for sure! 

The next two trips out were pretty epic too, with two more beauties caught. I managed to catch three snapper over 20lb in three weeks! We released them, apart from the 25 pounder because he was pretty exhausted by the time I got him to the boat, so he came home to go on the wall. 

I’m still not allowed to lift anything heavy, hence the ‘hugging’ the fish photos. I couldn’t bend to lift them off the deck so my other half had to lift them up and give them to me for the photos— lol.

Next on the list is a kingi, but I think I might have to wait for my back to heal a bit more first!

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