One door closes…

Through life you pick up skills—opportunities come and go and, from those moments, your passion grows. 

What once was hard work , becomes second nature; a glance at the water, weather, time of day, and the gear you brought (way tot much but best be prepared) and your brain has processed what will and what wont work. Fly rod, spin rod, dry fly or lure: nymph ,veltec, celtic , toby, rapala? Your first thought is the correct guess 95% of the time.

It’s not a guess, it’s based on what works—experience.

I grew up around Christchurch and cut my teeth on Canterbury rivers, beaches and lakes. As a chef I travelled New Zealand, Australia and Norfolk Island—if there was no fishing, I didn’t go. Working on charter boats on the Great Barrier Reef, in remote resorts throughout Australia and New Zealand gave me opportunities to fish unique places.

As time rolls on, passions and outlook changes; Spot X appeal dies off, replaced by the thrill of sharing and teaching others keen to improve. On 9 October I start a new job at Angler’s Warehouse in Christchurch. As I settle in, I intend adding a salt and freshwater custom lure making service, run fishing school evenings, organise fishing days on charter boats, lakes, the canals, surf casting and river excursions.

If you are starting out fishing Canterbury, come over and say hello—I can get you sorted out on gear and pass on valuable local knowledge: locations, times, tides, gear, drone fishing, tips and techniques. My goal is simple; set you up with fishing gear you actually need, not necessarily want. If required, I am happy to set aside some one-on-one time to teach you how to set up your tackle, tie the knots and select baits—all those fishy things to get you started on the right path. No area is off limits: trout, salmon, flounder, surf casting, kingfish, tuna, game fishing and deep sea.

If you have an interest in drone or kite fishing, come and have a chat.

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