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The Ballistic Firmware update is available for the following Pulsar thermal riflescopes: Trail 2 LRF (XQ50 / XP50), Thermion 2 LRF (XL50 / XP50 Pro / XQ50 Pro / XG50), Thermion 2 (non-LRF) (XP50 Pro / XQ50 Pro / XG50 / XQ35 Pro).
New firmware supercharges Pulsar thermal riflescopes with dynamic P.O.I. indicator

Pulsar have incorporated updatable Firmware on many of their products, enabling users to update their device with new features and improvements. The latest update for Thermion 2 and Trail 2 models is an outstanding upgrade that indicates precise holdover.

Firmware is the operating system that controls image processing, internal and external control functions. Updates are free through the Stream Vision App for smartphone or tablet, which is available from Google Play or Apple Store. Whenever you link your device to Stream Vision, its Firmware is confirmed as either the latest or if an update is available. Pulsar Stream Vision Ballistic App. This App. provides accurate projectile point-of-impact (P.O.I.) at different ranges, using info from a vast array of factory and customisable loads, combined with other factors such as barrel length and twist, scope height and ambient temperature. This info is useful for all shooting, but Pulsar have taken this technology further with a Firmware update that enables saving ballistic profiles onto their thermal riflescopes. The ballistic profile is used to move a P.O.I. marker to precisely show holdover. 

When used with LRF models

Updating the new Firmware on Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF and Pulsar Trail 2 LRF thermal riflescopes uses the distance and inclination angles of ranged objects to move the P.O.I. marker to provide quick and easy holdover (or under). Multiple Profiles can be stored for different loads and rifles, which are selectable from within the menu.

When used with nonLRF models

Riflescopes without an inbuilt laser rangefinder work in the same way, except distance is manually set by tapping and turning the control dial. Accurate distance measurement is established with a hand-held rangefinder. This new feature has a host of uses, from recreational meat hunting to professional pest control, at long range or with low velocity rifles and crossbows. It improves shooting efficiency and ensures more humane kills.

As well as long distance range shooting, precise ballistic P.O.I. indication is important for low velocity firearms. Crossbows would benefit greatlyfrom this function due to their low velocity and ballistic co-efficiency.

For more information about Stream Vision and Stream Vision Ballistics, visit www. advancedoptics.nz

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