Pressure on Shooters shows no signs of reducing

Licence Shooting in New Zealand has been under much pressure over the last few years. The problem I see is that while those in power and places of authority have been concentrating on the honest and licenced holders, they haven’t done as much as they could to stop the criminals that use their firearms as weapons and not sporting equipment. We have been saying that most of the law changes and restrictions were aimed at the lawabiding people and would not deter the dishonest.

The register has been getting a lot of talk, with one side saying it will fix everything, while the other side, the licence side, says it is a waste of money and resources. The problem for the police is that the evidence supplied by the police as a result of an OIA (Official Information Act) backs up that it is a waste and won’t do any reasonable good. Even though the police and their Union rep have been blaming the licence holder for being the primary source that the criminals and Gangs use to get their weapons, it’s just not true, and they know it. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that people who can import drugs in vast quantities would have no problem getting all the firearms that they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even order some or pay for them, face it if you’re going to supply several million in drugs, you would want them safe, so throwing a few guns in as a bonus wouldn’t break the bank. So it stands to reason that there are more weapons. How do we know? Well, what the police have failed to admit, or the media just didn’t report, is that when a firearm comes into the country through legal channels, there are a couple of must-dos. First, customs, then the police seize it, then confiscate it; in other words, it’s gone. First, an import permit is required, which comes from the police. Then, if you have one of those, it has to be taken and shown to the police when it arrives. So, police have known all along what legal firearms are brought into New Zealand.

Now we wait and see if National are good to their word because when you do a cost analysis of the register, it doesn’t add up as a benefit; it’s more of a money pit. The register will cost us over a billion dollars over the next 10 years. Just think what good that kind of money would do in new medical drugs not covered now, or new beds in hospitals. Maybe fixing some roads; think of all the lives that could be saved or improved upon for people. 

When I said licence holders are against change, let me be very clear: if it will improve public safety, then go for it, but we want it based on evidence, not just feelings or emotions.

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