PULSAR World’s finest range of thermal optics


MERGING CLASSIC DESIGN WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY The Pulsar Merger LRF thermal binocular delivers a comfortable, immersive viewing experience with reduced eye fatigue. Three models available to suit various budgets and operational requirements.

Pulsar Merger LRF common features

• 1000m laser rangefinder

• Supplied with an APS3 battery

• Internal back-up battery adds significant operation time

• Tough magnesium alloy housing

• Overidable proximity sensor activates sleep function when not viewing

• ¼” tripod mount


MULTI-SPECTRAL BINOCULAR The new Pulsar Merger Duo offers both thermal and night vision images can be viewed at the same time or separately. The Merger Duo is especially useful at night for spotting and identifying objects, animals and persons.



The Pulsar Telos thermal monocular is the first to feature upgradeable hardware for future proofing against advancements in technology and changes in user requirements. The telos XP50 is the first uncooled thermal to achieve <10mK sensitivity

Pulsar Telos common features

• Unique manual zoom ring.

• Quickly convert hand-strap to left or right-hand configuration.

• Thermo-conductive Polymeric body.

• Available with laser range finder

• LPS7i high capacity, quick-change rechargeable battery has wireless charging and inbuilt USB-C port.

• Upgradeable hardware


PERFORMANCE IN YOUR POCKET Pulsar Axion 2 thermal monoculars deliver excellent image quality, are fully featured, compact, solid and built to last.

Pulsar Axion common features

• Compact and lightweight

• Axion 2 is supplied with an APS5 rechargeable quick-change battery

• Axion XM30F is supplied with an APS3 rechargeable quick-change battery

• ¼” tripod mount • Tough magnesium alloy housing

• LRF models feature a 1000m laser rangefinder

Pulsar lead the field

Pulsar thermals have lead the market since 2013, and are chosen by keen hunters and professionals alike. Our professional clients include, LandSAR, Coastguard NZ, Search and Rescue NZ, NZ Police, Philips Search & Rescue Trust, NZ Customs, DOC, regional councils, MPI, professional pest controllers, wildlife trusts and many others. Visit our website www.advancedoptics.nz for a dealer near you or for more information

Pulsar Batteries and chargers

IPS batteries IPS7 $199.99 IPS14 $259.99 For Trail, Helion, Lexion, Krypton, Accolade, Forward & Digisight Ultra. IPS7A $199.99 For Digisight Ultra LRF. APS batteries APS2 $89.99 For Thermion & Digex. APS3 $99.99 For Axion XM, Thermion, Digex & Merger APS5 $99.99 For Axion XQ/XG APS5T $99.99 For Talion Battery chargers IPS charger $99.99 APS charger $99.99 For APS2 & APS3 APS5 charger $109.99 For APS5 & APS5T APS-V charger $129.99 For APS2 / APS3 & APS5 LPS batteries LPS7i $259.99 For Telos & Telos LRF

Lynred sensors and Pulsar thermal products

Lynred are world leader’s in developing and manufacturing advanced imaging sensors for space, aeronautics, marine and industry. Lynred professional sensors are rugged, reliable, comply with STD 810/833 and are TWS Qualified. Pulsar sensor designations are:

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