Pulsar Young’uns welcomes Taylor Jones

Based in Hokitika, I was born and bred on the rugged West Coast. I can’t exactly remember my first time out hunting, but my Dad Jason recalls that I rode on his shoulders from about the age of three, from then on I was with him almost every time he went out.

The Jones family’s life has centred around wild game hunting with Dad and brothers Ethan and Ryan. I grew up spending every spare moment in the bush, with an abundance of game on my doorstep I quickly honed my bush and hunting skills. I became an accomplished shot by the age of 10, when I claimed my first red deer.

I just loved being out with

Dad and my brothers.

It was all I wanted to do. Family trips away from the West Coast were always hunting expeditions. One in particular was in the North Island where I shot my first fallow deer.

As soon as I was legally able, I studied for and obtained my firearms licence. After that nothing would hold me back from the outdoors with rifle in hand. The family lounge wall is tribute to these skills with a fine 14 Pointer Red stag trophy hanging proudly. While spot-lighting at times was ok, early morning and evenings were the most rewarding times.

I first heard about night vision and thermal imagers several years ago. Everyone was talking about it and how it would change the way we hunt. Dad did some research and decided the best on the market was Pulsar. Our first night vision gear arrived and after that we never looked back, I guess to sum it up it turned us into night owls.

The progression into thermal imaging occurred quickly. It really has changed the way we hunt. Now we see a lot more animals when we go out, even in daylight. I also enjoy the thrill of watching and filming animals through the Pulsar thermal imaging gear. It’s really cool, in the dark just watching. I treasure the time spent in the great outdoors and the skills that I have learnt. I now pass those skills onto my three year old daughter Josie, who accompanies me just like I did my Dad.

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