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Competitors from all over the country attended our event in Wanganui on April 1 and 2.

They have been running these for several years, this in my view was the best match for a while. The stages were a little more open, which led to us being able to pick up our speed and choose the best way for your own skill level to shoot it. While the basic movement had to be much the same, there were small differences between people and pistols.

This puts a little more challenge to it all, because the timer shows no favourites. It did feel like it picked up speed when I was shooting. Steel targets have a nasty tendency to move often when I shoot at them, but I have worked out if you fire a lot fast, they sometimes seem to get it wrong and move in the way, and down they go.

Not going to talk about how many they had, or the three very small ones we had to shoot one-handed, because they sure cost us lots of extra ammo and it is expensive when you can get it.

Weather was patchy with clouds and rain. My sisterin-law once asked me what happens when it rains, the answer is simple, we get wet. Basically, we don’t stop due to rough weather like any real sport. I have even competed while the heavens tried to drown me in Bali. I had hoped it would give me an edge as I was taking on one of the world’s best in a shoot off with a shotgun, but nope, still lost.

This is half the fun, and the P is for practical and changing conditions is a huge part of it. Being able to master the ability to shoot at your best, when everything and everyone are trying to catch you out, that’s when you win or crumble by doing your best work no matter what.

I was lucky to get to see some good friends and shooting. TC for one, at 76-years-old, he still moves around fast and was shooting well. He had a bit of a senior moment and stopped when he thought range equipment failed, it hadn’t. We have told him before, never stop shooting till finished or the Ranges Officer tells you to, so he lost some serious time. Like always he bounced back and was off again at speeds a lot of people in their 60s would be shocked to be able to do.

Congratulations to all who came, whether you took bling home or not and my thanks to everyone for making it a great match. I came home with fourth overall, third Master and first Senior, so happy with that. Some more bling to add to my collection.

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