Shark Drone Adventures

It’s been a challenging few months , weed everywhere we go and then damage to the drone. The adventures have been few and far between.

The first chance we had to get the Shark drone out was November 12. We were all done in 15 minutes as it was weed city, about 50 kilos of weed and not a fish in sight We packed up and went home but the next three times we ventured out it was the same thing again. We put the drone away and bent the aerial! Now the drone is at the repair shop getting sorted, which is taking forever. Just waiting now for the test flight so we can make some sort of plans for fishing.

We had a couple of good days on the rig, a few encounters with massive schools of kahawai but then the hot weather hit. Sorry but I don’t do hot.

I have been gearing up with my lure and flasher rigs and traces. Honing the skills and settling on designs and different line strengths. I make a range of standard drone and kontiki style traces, also surfcasting clip-on sections, 1, 2, 3, hook rigs, options on fully tubed tangle free rigs, glow in the tubing is available. Line weights on 390lb and can do higher on special request.

Trace hook options can be from single hook, doublefixed or floating hook system with a keeper hook option. Trace lengths to order but four-to-six-inch droppers help give you reasonable distance to your cast.

Videos of these set ups are on our Facebook page,

Gurnard have been a regular catch around Canterbury for a few months and there are mega thousands of kahawai around. Kingfish are out under the floating kelp and bait fish galore. There is the odd snapper ,and salmon are few and far between. Good numbers of rig ,elephant fish have been hit and miss.

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