Something To Aim For – A Hunter’s Quest by Daryl Crimp

cover image Daryl Crimp (Crimpy) has slung his rifle over boulder-strewn valleys, shingle-scarred peaks, craggy mountains and vegetation-tangled forests for more than forty years and doesn’t plan on stopping. Hunting is more than just a hobby, a pastime and an adventure; it’s a calling and for those of us fortunate enough to hear and answer it early, a life of adventure beckons. This is the story of a journey, which ends with a beginning.

Softcover Edition – $39.99 + S&H

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“An apparition appeared on the ridge where moments earlier the hind had stood, his head canted to one side and eyes full of menace. By comparison, this was the devil himself; a huge-bodied stag with a splendid sweep of antlers carrying more points than a deer deserved and a temper I wanted no truck with. There was no hesitation; I simply swung the rifle back to my shoulder and fired – to no effect. Why the stag chose to come at me instead of fleeing is a question I didn’t have time to ask myself…”