Smart kid publishes prawn book

Aedan and Bob the prawn team up

Aedan Smart is a kid on the go: he loves fishing, hunting, the Black Caps and is an aspiring karting driver—not to mention a published author at the tender age of ten.

What started as a school speech, written for an Omokoroa No.1 Primary School project, in the Western Bay of Plenty, when he was eight, Bob the Prawn became a firm favourite with fellow classmates and eventually took its creator through to the finals.

An amusing tale about the circle of life under the sea, the book follows Bob the Prawn, Sammie the Snapper, and Marino the Mako Shark as they encounter natures lively aquatic lifecycle.

“Mum always thought my speech would make a good book,” says Aedan. “Then when we got stuck at home during lockdown last year, we had lots of spare time so decided to give it a go.”

Modifying the original speech into a book meant some of the content was adapted to appeal to wider audiences. However, much of the original speech and characters remain. Finding an affordable way of illustrating the story was made easy thanks to the online freelance app Fiverr. Collaborating with one of their popular children’s book illustrators Tuly Akter, Bob the Prawn was translated with beautiful visuals into a bright and colourful underwater themed book.

The first print run was snapped up last Christmas by family, friends, and connections for Santa sacks nationwide. Copies even made their way to some of the young patients spending Christmas in Starship hospital. Featuring themes of diversity, conservation and storylines that promote a love of reading, Bob the Prawn has quickly become a firm favourite with young fans and their parents. Their encouragement and feedback have given Aedan the confidence to print a second run.

Aedan donated $550 raised from his first round of book sales to the school. It was a much-appreciated donation at a time many fundraising events had to be cancelled.

With Christmas fast approaching, a second print run of Bob the Prawn is available to buy online at or click on

Aedan Smart fisherman and author at ten

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