Smokin Barrels – Smoked snapper sliders with crunchy pickles and honey mustard

Warm weather is finally here and what better way to welcome it than catching a few pannies and making some smoked sliders.

Crunchy Pickles 

1 x red onion

1 x cup white vinegar 

2 tbsp of white sugar 

Smoke & Spice seasoning 

Robbies Honey Herb Mustard 

Bread buns of your choice

I simply split the fish and sprinkled a tablespoon of Smoke & Spice ( on each fish. I then wrap it in a tea towel and let the seasoning work their magic in the fridge for a few hours.

While you are waiting spark up the smoker with a nice bowl of charcoal then start preparing the crunchy pickles.

Slice the red onion. Heat up a cup of white vinegar add a teaspoon of Smoke & Spice seasoning with 2 tablespoons of sugar and pour over the the sliced onion and let it infuse then drain ready to go with your fish. This works equally as well with a blend of, radish, peppers or caulifl ower.

Now for the smokin’ of the fish, the easy part. Lay the fillets on the rack over the hot charcoal and with a smoke generator you can have bang on smoked fish in just under an hour.

Place your smoked fish into a bun with the pickles, lettuce and a generous dollop of Robbies Honey Herb Mustard

You’ve got a real winner!

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