Snow-capped chrome tasties

Waking up on Wednesday morning, I was greeted by heavy snow laying across the deck and trucks. Not exactly what you want when you’re meant to be out there on the hill chopping down wilding pines.

After a quick chat with the team and some judgement on the road conditions, we decided it was to be yet another snow day. However, the prospect of staying home all day didn’t really get me all that excited and something had to be done about it. With that, a few other workmates and I jumped in the truck and headed to the fishing shop. After purchasing the cheapest rod and gear money could buy, we were off to the canals!

Arriving at the canals, it was obvious to see that we weren’t alone in our decision to make the most of a snowy day; the side of the canals was chock-a! Probably due to the salmon escape earlier in the week.

With pretty low expectations having fished the canals before, I couldn’t believe it when, second cast, my crappy little rod bent over and screamed off line at an alarming rate. After a monster fight, we finally managed to bring the salmon to the bank, where we quickly put it out of its misery and straight into the snow. Winter definitely has its perks, bringing a chilly bin is pretty unnecessary when the side of the road is equivalent to a freezer.

After some unbelievably good fishing and a couple more quality fish between us, we headed back bloody happy. The boys would be eating well tonight and well deserved at that, after a hard week on the hill already behind us.

Cannot wait to get back to the canals and get into some more of these chrome tasties. Hopefully the first successful trip to the canals of many!

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