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Coutta’s garbage, rot!

Dear Ed,

Re Coutta’s Cut, in issue 198 March 2022 “Soft cops and rats arse law breakers”.

I have to say I’m very disappointed that you would publish such a disgraceful piece of garbage. Are you that hard up for articles to make up space in what I once thought was a great publication?

Quote: “I’ll start with those bottom feeders who are, at the time of writing, camped outside parliament. What they are doing is breaking more laws than you can poke a stick at. Why are they being allowed to stop law-abiding citizens from going about their business by blocking streets, harassing those wearing masks and camping in a prohibited area?”

Has it ever occurred to you that the many law-abiding citizens who are trying to go about their business each day, that are getting harassed for not wearing a mask (exemptions) and being stopped from entering shops they have always had a right to shop at, (and still should, under the bill of rights act) simply because they have made a medical decision, (not to partake in a clinical trial), which is a right everyone has under the Bill of Rights Act, are sick of this kind of tyranny?

I suggest that before you publish this kind of rot again, you do some thorough research into the Bill of Rights and stick to publishing things that directly relate to what “The Fishing Paper & Hunting News” is actually about.

You just may be surprised how many of your readers have made the choice to remain clean blooded and will be disgusted that you would publish utter shit like this.

I will be sharing a photo of your article far and wide to find out myself what others think.

Marcus Doughty

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